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Come see thousands of daylily blooms
July 1-August 7

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Welcome to Garden Perennials...the daylily and perennial plant nursery of Gail Korn in Wayne, Nebraska.

2014--Our 32nd Year

          After a cold, wet spring that delayed blooms for a good two to three weeks, we were rewarded with ample rains that gave us a wonderful garden. The lack of the usual heat in July showed us what flowers can do without the usual heat stress. The daylilies had never been better! In early October we were hit with a tornado! Fortunately it took a bounce and was not on the ground as it passed through. Our 95-year old house and barn still stand as well as other buildings. It took the tops out of many trees and the 35-year old Black Hills spruce that has been part of one of our large gardens became a fatality. This has opened up a 30’ circle that is now empty. This garden just got a lot bigger! It’s an opportunity! We love to plan gardens for customers and now we’ll be doing it for ourselves. A garden is never really “done”. It is always evolving. Each year plants get bigger and occasionally need to be divided. It makes us appreciate what it is at any given moment.

      The garden is full of rewards.  Each flower is a reward.  Mature clumps of flowers are a reward. And combinations of clumps making a complimentary picture are rewards. Do we love it when a plan comes together? We love blue balloonflowers with orange daylilies. A white coneflower happened to grow behind Bittersweet Destiny, an orange daylily, and we thought it was a  wonderful accident. Perovskia makes a good background for anything and it is easy to plant some daylilies in front of it with some coneflowers and alliums thrown in for good measure. In another part of our garden, Veronicastrum ‘Fascination’ provides a stately background to dayliles mingling with the sparkling burgundy buttons of  Knautia macedonia fronted by Veronca Red Fox.

      A Shasta Daisy ‘Becky’ adds some needed white  Our garden is large, but we find that we look at one section at a time So we break it into smaller patches to create a vignette for each one. Somehow it all flows together to make a rewarding picture.

Gail Korn, Garden Perennials