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Come see thousands of daylily blooms
July 1-August 7

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Growing daylilies is not a bit complicated, but because we are so enamored of them that we grow over 670 varieties of them, people have asked us a number of questions about them. We have noted the most often asked questions to include here along with the answers.

Q. How long will a daylily bloom?

A. Each cultivar is different, but the average is about 4 weeks. We see above average performance each year on some cultivars if they are established(undisturbed in the ground for two years or more.). Some cultivars are more prone than others to rebloom giving another 3-4 weeks of blooms, especially if they receive adequate water regularly.

Q. What is a tetraploid?

A. Each cell of a normal plant(a diploid) contains 22 chromosomes and a tetraploid has 44. For a pollen dabber, this increases the genetic possibilities many times. Tetraploid daylilies in general have heavier substance in flowers and foliage and thicker scapes. Tets are not necessarily better than diploids. There are beautiful diploids and beautiful tets.

Q. How often should I water?

A. At least once a week is best. More frequent watering may be harmful just after planting. One inch of rain a week or the equivalent in water will give excellent results. However, daylilies can get by on less water, making them good choices for areas with dry conditions.

Q. When is the best time to plant?

A. Since we now have most varieties planted in individual clumps, we can dig them anytime during the growing season. We quit planting Oct. 15 in our area so that plants will have 6 weeks growing time before the ground freezes. There is no best time, though many daylily growers prefer spring or Aug.-Sept.

Q. Will my summer or fall planted daylilies grow at all?

A. Yes, and it is normal for the outer leaves on a fan to die off as the center leaves grow.

Q. Shall I fertilize?

A. Do not put fertilizer in the planting hole. Top dress in early spring with a balanced fertilizer or manure.

Q. Why are some daylilies more expensive than others?

A. A newer cultivar is higher priced than an older one. It is a matter of supply and demand. Supplies are greater on cultivars that have been around for a while. Some new introductions of high quality are priced at $100-$300. The sale of the first few plants is usually all the monetary reward that a breeder gets for years of work. A $25 plant is not necessarily better than a $5 one, though it may be.

Q. Where can I plant daylilies?

A. Any place with half-day sun to all-day. They fit well in a border, as facers

Q. Where can I plant daylilies?

A. Any place with half-day sun to all-day. They fit well in a border, as facers for shrubs, in underplantings for trees, as accent plants......the list goes on.

Q. How much of a plant do I get?

A. We supply a 2-fan division, twice as much as many nurseries sell.

Q. When is the best time to visit Garden Perennials to see peak bloom?

A. Most of the daylilies are in bloom July to mid-August with the last two weeks of July being the peak. There will be daylilies in bloom from mid-May till frost. Garden Perennials is an official American Hemerocallis Display Garden.