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Come see thousands of daylily blooms
July 1-August 7

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PAEONEA pee-O-nia Zones 4-8 (Peony)

Herbaceous peonies bloom in early June. 36" tall. space 3'. Plant in fall, taking care that the eyes be planted exactly 1½" below ground level. To achieve the largest flowers possible, disbud the side shoots as they appear in the spring, remove seed pods after bloom, and sidedress with fertilizer after bloom. 3-5 eye division.

PESM P. Smouthii - Single red blooms in mid-May on 15” plants. Finely divided foliage but not as finely textured as the Fernleaf. Smouthii originated in France around 1845. Very hard to come by as there are not many of these plants around. Very easy to grow and very fragrant. Fall only

.Peony Smouthii