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July 1-August 7

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SANGUINARIA l w  Zones 4a-9b (Bloodroot)

    Our first encounter with bloodroot occurred during the spring wildflower jaunts we took as children. It was our favorite rite of spring to head to the woods down by the river. We do not collect plants from the wild, but our aunt did (50 years ago). She gave us a trunk load of  perennials 40 years ago and one little Bloodroot plant tagged along with a hosta. We now have enough to offer to you.

     SACA S. canadensis -  One of the earliest spring wildflowers bears blooms resembling a daisy. We observed in the woods that its preferred location is dappled shade. We also observed that the single scalloped  leaf will fold itself around the flower stem when the plant is in sunlight and return to a horizontal position when the shade returns. Pretty cool! All parts of the plant are considered poisonous. Spring or fall
Sanguinaria canadensis.